FOX and Warner Bros. prepare new series of The Flintstones

One of the most watched series since the 60s is The Flintstones, where the life of a cave family was showcased, its neighbors and endless adventures they had Pedro Flintstone (Fred Flinstone) and Pablo Mármol (Barney Rubble).

This pair of characters liked to eat Pterodactyl and Brontohamburger ribs, in addition to having peculiar means of transport and some dinosaurs as pets in the house, which behave like dogs.

FOX prepares a new series of The Flintstones; Pebbles would be the protagonist

The original series dates back to the 60sAlthough FOX revived the characters with some films, they never had the expected success and were forgotten by many fans of the Flintstones series.

But with the rise of remakes and reboots, now, Fox is thinking of giving continuity to The Flintstones in its programming and that is why they will return with a new animated series.

Remember that The Flintstones are one of the most iconic cartoons of all time and they have a well-earned place in the heart.

Five decades ago, The Flintstones entertained on TV

The original animated series aired between 1960 and 1966, then make way for years after holiday specials, epic crossovers (like with The Jetsons) and even Live Action.

According Variety, a new animated series based on these original characters from Hanna-Barbera Productions is officially on the way, but now it will not be called The Flintstones but Bedrock and its plot will take place 20 years after the original animated show.

The content will not be child-friendly

What’s more, the content will now not be focused on children but on adults, as Pebbles and Bam-Bam have grown up, the series will now focus on the lives of the next generation.

Another change will be the transition from the Stone Age to a new era and the evolution of the inhabitants of the city of Piedradura in this transition of time.

The idea of ​​bringing The Flintstones back to television was already in plans for Elizabeth Banks with Warner Bros Animation since 2019, although it had not been possible to specify.

What’s more, Elizabeth Banks to executive produce new animated series, plus she will lend her voice to the adult Pebbles. As for the script, it will be Lindsay Kerns who will write it.

For the moment, No further details or premiere date for this series have been revealed., but apparently it could be a hit in the next few years.

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