Fornite will broadcast a ‘Night of Shorts’ and here we tell you where to see it

Fornite has become more than a video game platform, today it is a lifestyle and offers different entertainment situations for its users, outside the virtual world in which it is placed.

That’s right friends there is music, concerts, special presentations And now, the developers thought of a risky initiative that looks more than interesting for lovers of the Fornite video game.

Fornite will broadcast a ‘Night of Shorts’ and here we tell you where to see it

Let us remember that artists of the stature of Travis Scott, Weezer, Major Lazer, Among others, they have been on the Fornite platform to give exclusive presentations, something that fans appreciate.

Now, the platform is preparing and Epic Games wants fans to have fun in different ways and not only with the video game, that is why they will bet on a event called “Night of Shorts”.

When and how will the ‘Fornite Short Night’ be broadcast?

What Fornite knows that we are still in the middle of the pandemic, the platform will bet on other types of content (Will you want to make your own streaming platform?) And will have its “Night of Shorts”, which will begin next Saturday, February 20.

Starting at 2:00 p.m., North Carolina time and 1:00 p.m., Central Mexico time you can enjoy watching 12 short films which will be broadcast continuously throughout the day.

This peculiar film festival will end at the same time, but it will be until on February 21 when the exclusive event of Fornite.

Also, don’t worry about getting bored as all shorts will last 30 minutes, so there is no excuse not to see all of them and here we tell you how to see this Fornite content.

How can you see this exclusive event?

First, find the Party Royale / Fiesta Campal option, this is by selecting the Party Royale mode and once you are inside, you must look for the point on the map.

There, localize the big screen (or big screen) of the island and to celebrate this event, Fortnite will release a new gesture called ‘Big Popcorn’ a day before, for a first-rate movie experience.

Here we leave you the advance that he launched Fornite to celebrate its ‘Night of Shorts’:

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