Florida Mayor criticizes Pepillo Origel for getting vaccinated

After Juan José Origel (Pepillo) presumed to have received both doses of the vaccine anti COVID-19 in United States, the mayor of Florida called it a “mockery”.

And is that the Mexican driver traveled to Florida to apply the anti-vaccine COVID-19, without waiting his turn in Mexico. This caused outrage on social media and a wave of criticism.

The presenter was justified and gave little importance to the matter; even in the face of the possible threat of having his visa taken away, as health authorities in that state criticized these actions.

No one is allowed into Florida for a day to get the vaccine and leave the next day, ”said Jason Mahon, a spokesman for the Department of Health. “We ask that all suspicious incidents be reported to the appropriate county Health Department immediately.”

And is that the case of Pepillo went viral and even the press from different countries of the world criticized the action.

This did not matter much to the television host, as Pepillo Origel traveled again to Floria to have the second dose of the anti-vaccine COVID-19; after receiving it mocked those who criticize him.

They didn’t even ask for my visaHere I walk, walk and walk ”, said the presenter.

Juan José Origel gets the second COVID-19 vaccine: “They didn’t ask me for a Visa”

Florida Mayor calls for punishment for Pepillo Origel

The Mayor of Florida, Francis Suarez, was very upset by the action and described as a “Disrespect” and a “mockery”That Pepillo has gone to get vaccinated.

It is a great lack of respect that people come from outsideThey make fun of us, they put themselves in front of the line and that is something that actually insults the residents of our community, ”he commented to Telemundo.

He also requested that an investigation be carried out on the case and in that case a sanction is applied. For Origel received the first dose on January 23, two days after it was ruled that non-residents could not be vaccinated in Florida.

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