Fernando Noriega replaces Gonzalo Peña and applauds Juan Osorio’s commitment

Today was held the first day of recordings of the novel What’s Happening to my Family? with Fernando Noriega, who will replace Gonzalo Peña in Juan Osorio’s project, after Peña was accused as an accessory to rape.

Noriega, who will play the character of Mariano Rueda, flew from Los Angeles, where he resides, to join this project.

Regarding the decision of Televisa and Juan Osorio to suspend Gonzalo Peña, after allegations of complicity in sexual abuse, Fernando Noriega applauded the producer’s decision.

I am not a judge of anyone, what I can say is that I love entering a company, a project committed to a change in society, with women and that is also reflected with the themes that touch in the novel, that’s why I was encouraged, ”Noriega told El Universal.

Who is Fernando Noriega actor who replaces Gonzalo Peña?

Born on July 18, 1979 (41 years old), in León, Guanajuto. Noriega is an actor with a trajectory of more than 20 years.

He has participated in projects such as The Lord of the heavens (2017-2019), The Chema (2016-2017), Under the same sky (2015-2016) Bitter sweet (2012-2013), Love in custody (2005) and Nothing Against Life (2013), among others.

Now, in What happens to my Family? Noriega will share credits with Eva Cedeño, Mane de la Parra, Diana Bracho, Emilio Osorio, Julio Bracho and Gaby Platas, among others.

However, this is not the actor’s first project for the Televisa network, as he participated in the Telehit series Glam Girls, where he shared credits with Pamela Reiter, Mariana Quintanilla, Viviana Villarreal, Regina Martínez and Maximiliano Villegas, among others.

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