Fernando Colunga left Malverde after being threatened by drug traffickers for being ‘gay’

After it became known that Fernando Colunga left the miniseries Malverde, where he would have the leading role of the “patron of drug traffickers”, rumors were released that the actor would have left the character after being threatened by drug traffickers for being ” gay ”.

And, although they released promotions with the image of the actor from Mexico City, the actor said that he was retiring due to personal problems, including his mother’s health.

However, the program Gossip en Vivo assured that they had an interview with an undercover witness who works on the miniseries of Telemundo Malverde and that the real reason why he will not be the employer of the drug traffickers was because of threats against his life.

They had to stop the productions, because this man resigned because drug trafficking threatened him. That they didn’t want him playing Malverde, because he was gay.

He was still in the project, but there were many threats and he decided at the last minute to leave and the production stopped (…) You know that drug trafficking is the boss, he is gay and they threatened him, because they did not want him to be the one to play Malverde, ”said the alleged witness.

It should be noted that, on no occasion, Fernando Colunga has claimed to be gay, so this would be just an assumption.

Pedro Fernández will take on the role of Fernando Colunga as Malverde in the series

After the departure of the actor from Mexico City, a few days ago it was announced that the person who will replace him will be the native of Guadalajara, Pedro Fernández.

This was announced by the Mexican singer in an interview for the Hoy Día program.

I announce that I am the protagonist of this new very important soap opera called Malverde. It is a wonderful challenge that I take with great emotion and joy.

It will be wonderful, Malverde, the patron saint who, as of today, officially begins to be a project that will require a lot of dedication, a lot of time, but also a lot of affection, a lot of love and a very clear intention to make all the public meet the legend of this wonderful character and enjoy an incredible production, “said the Mexican singer.

The series of Malverde: the patron saint, which is Telemundo’s new project, marks Pedro Fernández’s return to acting.

Pedro Fernández’s last acting project was Until the end of the world, in 2014 and prior to that, Little piece of heaven, in 2012.

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