‘FBI’ First Look: Missy Peregrym on Maggie’s Sister Unveiling and Hopes for Season 4 (Exclusive)

Maggie’s sister comes to town and hides a big secret.

On Tuesday’s episode of FBI, titled “Brother’s Keeper,” viewers will meet Maggie’s younger sister, Erin (guest star Adrienne Rose Bengtsson), who is moving to New York City to attend Columbia University. At first it seems like things are on a solid footing between the sisters, but as the episode progresses, it becomes very clear that there may be something more serious with Maggie’s younger brother. In ET’s exclusive sneak peek of the next episode, Maggie is desperately tracking Erin’s whereabouts on her phone when her partner, Agent OA (Zeeko Zaki), walks up and asks her about her “tough” tactics.

FBI Star Missy Peregrym, who gave birth to her son with husband Tom Oakley last March, was “excited” to be working on this particular episode, which delves into a very common and serious topic, because it revealed a different layer to Maggie. and an aspect of your non-work life that is rarely seen. “The subject is really complicated,” the 38-year-old actress told ET, “and I was excited to interpret that and the nuances of [a fraught relationship]. Having two sisters, I felt immediately connected to that and was excited to bring that depth to Maggie. “

Ahead of the new episode, Peregrym talks about raising her 1-year-old son Otis as a working mother, delving into Maggie’s relationship with her sister and her hopes for the future of FBI.

ET: How are things so far this season?

Missy Peregrym: It went really well, except having a child, taking him to work and feeding him while filming, which is something I’ve never done before. It was a great learning curve! But when it comes to our schedule and the season, I really feel like we’ve found a really wonderful rhythm – the whole team, really. With our characters and storytelling, it just feels more connected. I feel like we know what we are doing now. It’s very difficult to start a show and now that we’re in our third season, we can feel the softness coming in now, which is great.

Are you feeling a little comfortable playing Maggie now that you’ve had a couple of years under your belt in her shoes?

We are always trying. We are a procedural show and it is a very fast paced story in every episode. I always try to put everything that I can that is extra, building within the character. They are definitely writing something else for Maggie this year, which has been a lot of fun to play. So I rely on writing to get more done and I always welcome it. I am always excited to expand your story.

In this week’s episode, we meet her younger sister, Erin, who adds a different layer to who Maggie is and reveals more about what motivates her. How excited were you to flesh out that side of his story?

I was very excited. First of all, Adrienne Rose Bengtsson was wonderful and I really enjoyed working with her. It is very difficult to have to enter when you have just met someone and all of a sudden you are supposed to show the story of your whole life together. She was amazing and really present. I hope we can work together again. Obviously the subject is very complicated too, and I was excited to touch on that and the nuances of [a fraught relationship]. Having two sisters, I felt immediately connected to that and was excited to bring that depth to Maggie. What’s really funny is that, for the most part, I try to play around with the vulnerability of Maggie’s position. She really cares about the people she is trying to help, they are all really trying to do their job. But she is quite firm and very quick to do her job and very serious for the most part. And it was really nice to play with a different color with her sister to show peace of mind. We really couldn’t do that because Nestor [Vertiz, played by Josh Segarra,] He was a boyfriend and it was something different. It was fun.

Now that we are going to see Maggie interacting with her sister in this episode, what do you think she will bring out in her that we may not have seen before?

Yes. It’s so easy to have a conversation and call people about things when it’s your job and you don’t really know the person because there’s nothing to lose. I feel like there’s a lot to lose when you have a difficult conversation with someone you really care about. Maggie questions herself and has an instinct [that something’s wrong] and she’s not really sure she can trust him. She’s not really sure how to handle the stage because she loves her sister so much and wants things to be okay. But she doesn’t want to screw it up. She doesn’t want to damage the relationship.

FBI It was recently renewed for a fourth season, so there is safety in knowing that he has another year of work on the show. Is there anything you are interested in delving deeper with with Maggie now that you have another season in the books?

I would really say that whenever you have a family dynamic, that’s really interesting. I always think it’s great when you can have character dynamics on a personal level. And again, our show has a very closed ending, but it’s really important. They have done a very good job this year with all the characters. This is how you care so much for them when you see the struggles they have while doing this job. And that’s why I would always fight for that, to get to know all the characters a little better. With Maggie again, familiar things are always great. Anything I can touch that is more personal makes me happy. So yeah, we’ll see. And of course we are now a tight-knit team. For me, it was wonderful news that we were able to spend more time together.

FBI airs Tuesdays at 9 pm ET / PT on CBS. For more information, see below.

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