FBI detains Larry Ramos, husband of Ninel conde; They accuse millionaire fraud

The actress’s husband Ninel Conde, businessman Larry Ramos, It was detained by the FBI, who accuses him of a millionaire fraud.

As reported by the program Windowing, Ramos was accused by more than 200 people, who claim to be victims of the businessman, who would have defrauded a total of 27 million dollars.

As reported by the program headed by Paty chapoy, The last friday Ninel Conde and her husband have been detaineds in the United States after they attended the Latin American Music Awards, in Miami, Florida. However, the host and actress would have been released.

Among the harmed people is the singer Alejandra Guzmán and her representatives. One of these is Cinthia Velarde, who was in an interview with the show program.

He can’t even get out of Miami. Today the lawyer will not give details of what follows, “said Velarde.

According to Velarde herself, the businessman andrefused Alejandra Guzmán to invest with him and used the singer’s name to convince more people. It was so managed to scam many more.

They expect Ninel Conde’s husband to pay

The FBI received the complaints from Alejandra Guzmán’s ex-managers and now Ramos is accused of mail and electronic fraud in the United States, so if found guilty he could be jailed, in addition to being forced to pay the money.

“We hope that the money will return it or that it will pay with jail”

In addition, Velarde assured that there will be no agreement with him and that they are ready to reach the last consequences, because even he tried to make them lie to blame someone else.

“He asked us to help us invent that third party, that that third party had cheated him so that in the end Ninel would not realize it”

The businessman is accused by at least 20 people in Miami for having defrauded them for businesses and investments totaling $ 27 million.

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