Fans Call For Lucy Lawless To Replace Gina Carano In The Mandalorian

Gina Carano was fired from Lucasfilm by a series of controversial messages. While some decided to defend her, others are already thinking of a possible substitute for the character of Face dune; nothing less than Lucy Lawless.

This Wednesday Lucasfilm announced that the MMA expeller will no longer be part of the projects company, so she will stop playing Cara Dune in The Mandalorian.

All this happened because for a long time has had controversial messages on social media, speaking of transsexuals, COVID-19, supporting Donald trumpBut the latter compared the criticism she receives for being a Republican to the harassment Jews received in the Holocaust. This certainly did not sit well with the Jewish community, nor with many others.

For this reason, the Disney division decided to terminate his contract with the actress, something that also generated controversy.

But while on the one hand, the Hashtag #Canceldisney was created, which seeks to get people to cancel their subscription to the platform in protest; others already They think about how to keep the character of Cara Dun aliveand.

This is how they proposed Lucy Lawless In the role of Cara Dune, the actress became famous as Warrior Princess Xena, so she knows what it’s like to play a warrior woman, so she could fit the role perfectly. And it is that the similarity of both actresses is notorious, although it is clear that they are not the same, they have certain features that could seem similar.

At the moment it is not known what will happen to the character, since in the second season of The Mandalorian its end was open. And although it was speculated that she would appear in Rangers of the New Republic, this might not happen if they decide not to have a new actress and eliminate the character.

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