‘Everything in 90 days’ says it all: Amira’s claims against Andrew cause skepticism

Amira and Andrew couldn’t solve their problems in the second part of 90 day fiancéThe season eight special that aired on Sunday on TLC. After Amira refused to have any contact with her ex-fiancé during her virtual appearance on the show, Andrew refused to participate and ended up going home.

When castmates asked Amira about why she refused to speak to Andrew, even virtually from France, she said she was afraid of him because he would yell at her in the past and she didn’t want to let him ever control her. again. Even when pressured, she refused to confront Andrew and said she was on the verge of a panic attack.

Rebecca was on Amira’s side and pointed to Andrew’s comments before exiting the stage.

“Okay then, she said something that worried me a bit before she left, and I don’t know if anyone else heard it except me and Zied, but she said, ‘The only reason I came here was so I could talk to her. ‘”, He said. “Well okay, that didn’t seem bad at first, but the fact that she needed to distance herself from him and then he only came here to be able to confront her seems a little strange.”

Amira was still able to tell her side of the story in regards to her bad breakup with Andrew, and she made some bold claims about him. Amira said that almost immediately after they broke up, she went back to the dating site where they hooked up. She also claimed that he told her that he would not marry her unless she became pregnant immediately after arriving in the United States. One of her most surprising claims was when she said that Andrew did not try to contact her at all when she was detained by immigration authorities in Mexico while enjoying her planned solo getaway. However, some cast members began questioning her after her story changed from him not contacting her at all to “my phone was not full of messages” when she was finally released from custody after three days.

Jovi noted: “So, it was something. I also want to hear his side of the story. I want Andrew to be here to explain himself. … We are very curious because we want to hear his side of the story, but you don’t want him to be here with us. so it’s kind of annoying for everyone here because we can’t get that. “

Natalie repeated, “Please give her a chance to be here. I mean, please, it would be fair.”

But Amira didn’t move and said she couldn’t see Andrew face to face. She said that after a long time, she eventually got away from Andrew and found her “Mr. Perfect”. When questioned, Amira revealed that her new boyfriend was also from the United States and that she was completely in love with him.

Backstage, mate 90 day fiancé The cast members continued to cast a little doubt about her story.

“I would never call her a liar because I don’t know the story, but the story struck me as false,” Jovi said, noting that he particularly did not believe her story that immigration officials in Mexico detained her without giving her a warning. reason. “I have traveled to many imprecise places. They don’t pick people at random and just stop them. No one is detained for no reason … I don’t believe in either one. I think maybe they both lie about parts of the story.” .

Brandon repeated, “There seemed to be holes in her story. And she was like, ‘He didn’t text.’ And then, he was like, ‘Almost no text messages.’

Mike was also skeptical about Amira going ahead.

“She was like she was scared to death [of this] Man, she’ll never be the same again And then she says, ‘I’m already dating another guy.’

Meanwhile, Zied chimed in: “Maybe he’s right, but we need Andrew too.”

To learn more about this season’s story, check out the video below.


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