Eugenio Derbez wants to adopt 5 TikTokers

Eugenio Derbez, father of four children, has decided to adopt 5 TikTokers. The Mexican actor wants to grow his family but in a different way.

“What I’ve never had a normal family this will not be a normal adoption either, “said the comedian in a video uploaded to his YouTube account.

Derbez launched a call for adopt 5 content creators on the social network TikTok. With the name of “Sons adoptiktoks”, the actor seeks to make them part of one of his new projects.

The success of its call has been such that in just 9 hours received 236 thousand messages adoption through TikTok, confessed the protagonist of “No returns accepted.”

Eugenio Derbez plans to make videos with his “adopted children”

The actor appreciates the good response from TikTokers to his initiative. He says that after launching it, he realized that “There are many TikTokers who have neither mother nor father”he said jokingly.

He also says that surely in the next few days he will sleep little because he thinks view all adoption requests that do not stop arriving.

Finally he said: “My real children have to spoil me a lot because they can lose me,” concludes Eugenio.

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