Esmé Bianco sues Marilyn Manson for rape and torture

The Game of Thrones actress, Esmé Bianco, sued singer Marilyn Manson for rape and torture on Friday, April 30.

Likewise, Esmé, 28, of the United Kingdom, sued Tony Ciulla, a former Manson manager.

According to the documents, the actress met the 52-year-old rocker from Ohio in 2005 and he expressed interest in casting her for some film projects.

Bianco claims Manson made his first sexual advances in 2007, after he got divorced, asking for nude photos.

The documents state that Manson flew her to Los Angeles in early 2009, supposedly to film a music video for her song. I Wanna Kill You Like They do in Movies.

However, Bianco said that upon arrival he learned that there was no one from the film crew, just Manson and what she was expected to stay with him, be available 24/7 and wear lingerie as a “costume”.

Esmé Bianco claimed that was drugged and subjected to threats of rape. According to the lawsuit, she was tied to a prayer kneeling and beaten by Manson with a whip that he said had been used by the nazis.

Likewise, Esmé stated that Manson electrocuted her So what was manipulated to believe that this was all part of the video and it was being edited.

In the lawsuit, Bianco said that both Manson and Ciulla violated trafficking laws by flying her from London to Los Angeles under the pretext of making the music video that was never made.

Esmé Bianco sues Marilyn Manson

The lawsuit established by the actress states that Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, He commented sexual acts with Bianco at times when she could not consent or when she was unconscious.

Bianco assures that Manson used a pattern of drug use, forcefulness, and forceful acts to force her to perform sexual acts multiple times and states that He raped her around May 2011.

These acts include spanking, biting, cutting and striking Bianco’s breasts and genitals for Mr. Warner’s sexual satisfaction. All without the consent of the plaintiff, “says the lawsuit.

Bianco, who played Ros in Game of Thrones, filed the formal complaint in the Central District Court of California.

The first time that Bianco accused Manson publicly was in February of this year.

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