Enrique Guzmán calls people to get vaccinated against COVID-19

The Mexican singer Enrique Guzmanhave already received the vaccine against COVID-19 in Mexico, and invited people to do the same.

The rock and roll singer and figure of this genre in the 60s in Mexico, attended this February 15 to one of the vaccination points in the capital of the country, located in the uFamily Medicine Unit number 22 of the IMSS in the Mayor Magdalena Contreras; place where you received the COVID-19 vaccine.

The father of the also singer Alejandra GuzmanHe was happy to receive the medicine, and he did not have any reaction to it.

I received my first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine at 2:30 PM… There is no reaction. I will keep you informed, “he wrote on his Twitter account.

In addition, he shared a video taken by the newspaper on Sun of Mexico when you are receiving the vaccine, while the Mexican Social Security Institute published an invitation from the singer for people to receive the vaccine.

“What must be avoided is that there is this pandemic, if this helps us to defeat this ‘bug’ we are in the best disposition to do so. If they don’t, this pandemic never ends“.

This Monday started the vaccination campaign for adults over 65 years of age in Mexico and around a million vaccines have been distributed throughout the country, which will be applied in the coming days.

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