Eleazar Gómez free: reappears repentant and asking for forgiveness

The actor Eleazar Gómez was released and among his first actions was to ask for forgiveness to try to clean his image before his fans.

After spending 5 months in seclusion, he appeared on his social networks to offer a public apology especially to his ex-partner Stephanie Valenzuela. Last November, the young model accused him of having physically and verbally violated her. From there came other statements that made the arrest of the actor inevitable.

As several of you know, on March 25, after 5 months of being in detention, I obtained my freedom derived from a conditional suspension of the process.”. Thus began his first public appearance.

He continued to expose his repentance to all the women he offended:

I want to start by offering a public apology to women who have felt offended or attacked in any way by my behavior, I want to make it very clear that it has never been my intention to hurt anyone ”.

Then, he emphasized the person whom he wanted to compensate in his message:

Especially to Stephanie Valenzuela I offer a sincere apology from the bottom of my heart, for the bad time I put her through ”.

He closed with a personal reflection of what being detained left him:

Today after having spent 5 very difficult months in my life, I can assure you that in addition to regret and pain; I grew up, learned and reconsidered ”.

This is Elezar López’s apology video posted on his Instagram

Eleazar Gómez may have the obligation to hold a press conference. This, because it was one of the conditions imposed by the judge to obtain his freedom. However, for the moment this video could be part of the measures that will help you to continue your life normally.

Eleazar Gómez: cases of violence against their partners

Other of Valenzuela’s requests to stop the process against Gómez was to request that take psychological treatment, so he explained:

Now I am in the process of starting my therapies and becoming a better person.

Finally, Gomez will have to appear quarterly in court and not approach or frequent places where he may be Stephanie Valenzuela.

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