Eiza González talks about getting rid of the ‘predisposed ideas’ of the roles that ‘should play’ with ‘I Care A Lot’ (Exclusive)

Eiza González has a resume that young actors dream of, and she’s just getting started.

The 31-year-old actress began her career in Mexico starring in her own telenovela, Lola: Once Upon A Time, when he was in his teens. She first came to attention in the US after landing the role of Santánico Pandemonium in Robert Rodriguez. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, and hasn’t looked back since.

Appearing in front of big movie stars like Dwayne Johnson (Hobbs and Shaw), Jamie Foxx (Baby driver) and Vin Diesel (Bloodshot) in numerous action films, he has also lent his talents to star-studded casts in Welcome to Marwen Y Paradise hills. However, González’s latest dark-thrilling comedy, I care a lot starring Rosamund Pike, she is unlike any other.

“I love seeing unapologetic, unapologetic female characters on screen. It’s just refreshing,” González tells ET. “It’s like, ‘Oh wow, they’re wickedly wicked and they’re enjoying every minute of it.’

Great care follows Marla, from Pike, a woman who manipulates the court to name the legal guardian of the elderly to rip them off for all they are worth. With the help of business partner and lover Fran (González), they find a wealthy retiree who apparently has no living heirs or family. They soon discover that they got into the wrong neighborhood. Dianne Wiest and Peter Dinklage are co-stars.

Like the title of his film, González worries a lot; a lot about his career, taking risks, breaking stereotypes and pushing the limits with each of his performances. Before telling ET that he plans to break Latino stereotypes in Hollywood, this role gave him the opportunity to do just that.

“My role was crucial for the role of Marla. Fran is a contrast to Marla and is a great component of the film,” he explains. “It was fun for me to play a role that I hadn’t done before and that I hadn’t been allowed to play as well because of predisposed ideas about what I should play.”

“And it was fun having a director who broke those rules with me,” he says, adding, “Yeah, [I didn’t have to be the token Latina]. “

While I care a lot showcasing Pike’s fierceness and extraordinary acting skills, González brings vulnerability and is the heart of the film. The Mexico City native was in awe after reading the script and instantly knew it had to be part of the J. Blakeson movie.

“When I read the script, I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is going to be such a powerful demonstration of what Rosamund can do and I want to be a part of it!’” Explains González. “I am inspired by other women and I am very impressed by her, before and after working with her. That was a great reason. Because by Rosamund Pike, I mean a female character without shame.”

Marla and Fran are very smart, they have no bars and they are the best ruthless and badass team. Traits that González says are often not seen in female characters on screen.

“I feel like we’ve seen it so many times on screen with male characters, and yet we always label female characters who are just like ‘disgusting,'” says González. “[People] I like to throw that word a lot. I have even heard people who have seen [I Care A Lot]They say, ‘She cannot be disagreeable.’ And I said, ‘Why, because you’re not used to seeing women redeem themselves?’ And I think that’s sad. It’s a perfect example of what society has dictated for women for so long, and I love that it challenges it. “

The film also challenges what a romantic female relationship should be like; that is, like any other courtship without sexualizing its female characters.

“[Marla and Fran’s romantic relationship was] as it should be. That is the director’s intention, it was simply to normalize this relationship and not exploit it so that it becomes more of a fact and less of an exclamation point, “González details.” The love story is not the central story of the film, therefore it is inherently there, and it is lovely to watch. “

González points out that the women’s agenda “is not the relationship.” Instead, as she points out, “they are two women who do what they want to do. Women driven, going for their desires, and this love story is just a contrast to who they are as people.”

While the film also looks at ambition and how the world views and values ​​success, and extreme means that anyone is willing to achieve it, it also touches on conservatories. González says that as a Latina, she was taught that you always take care of your parents when they grow up and are not generally placed in a nursing home.

“It’s very interesting how curation is such a hot topic right now because of Britney [Spears] documentary film. But I feel like this is a conversation that not many people talk about or know about, “he says.” When I found out about the script and educated myself on the story, I was really shocked. I was touched. I was just upset because, [as a] Latina, we grew up differently. We are educated, like, your parents get old, you take care of them and they live with you, and that’s how it is. “

“So this mentality of putting them under guardianship and putting them in nursing homes is really new to me and it’s a very out-of-country mentality that I don’t connect with,” he explains. “So it was great to be part of an exhibition that is something that needs to get people’s attention. Really, what are our life decisions and what are we doing with the people we abandon in our lives? Social form, what is passing behind that curtain? “

As for working alongside the 42-year-old Oscar-nominated actress, it was an incredible opportunity for González, who calls Pike “a great leader.” (Pike’s performance has already earned her a 2021 Golden Globe nomination in the category of Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.)

“She is a very well prepared team player. She is ready and prepared for any challenge, she reads her partner very well and gives you what you need to prosper,” she marvels. “And that’s really exciting because not everyone wants to be a team player and she is. She really understands that teamwork really improves performances.”

“She comes very determined with who she is as a person, and she has a good backstory for her characters,” continues González. “But she allows her partners to influence her, and that changes her performance and that allows her to be nuanced and diverse. She is just a great leader and is destined to star in movies.”

I care a lot now airing on Netflix. For more information on González, see below.


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