Eiza González explodes against a young man who signals her to collaborate with the paparazzi

The actress Eiza González exploded against a young woman who pointed out that she collaborated with the paparazzi.

And it is that, recently, the Mexican star went to Jimmy Kimmel TV show, in California, where he talked about his most recent project I Care a Lot, which is now available on Netflix.

However, a news portal, on his Instagram account, uploaded a photo taken by a paparazzi, where you can see Eiza González arriving on the program and a user made a sarcastic comment that displeased the protagonist of Baby driver.

“Guess who called the paparazzi?”asked a user, but, to the surprise of many, Eiza reviewed the comments of said publication and did not hesitate to answer about this point.

This is the message with which Eiza González exploited against accusations of collaborating with the paparazzi

Hi Hinda. As I read the sarcasm of your message, I felt the need to answer your question. Never in my entire career have I called or ‘tipped off’ a paparazzi. To the point that I encourage you to invite any paparazzi to come forward and prove otherwise. I have nothing to worry about.

I invite you not to believe everything you read on gossip sites, which are only intended to sell. Whatever it takes. I like to live my life as private as possible. I’m not sure you know, but the paparazzi make a living from the images. Hence, they park outside our houses and follow us until they get a photo, “Eiza González said in his message.

Nevertheless, the actress She also pointed out that, although she has nothing to hide, she will not allow anyone to defame her, as she has worked hard to achieve everything in her career.

Again. I have nothing to hide. But I will not let you or anyone else smear me with something concocted by a gossip site to victimize her favorite man and cast a woman as a villain who has been working non-stop since she was a child for a juicier narrative.

I don’t need any men or photos to get a career. I’ve worked pretty hard to be where I am. I wish you the best this Thursday! ”, He declared.

Faced with the actress’s obvious displeasure, the fans asked her not to worry about those messages anymore and to ignore the remarks.

Here we leave you the image with which Eiza González exploded and made it clear that she does not collaborate with the paparazzi.

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