Eiza González erases a tattoo on her foot: “Don’t drink and get tattooed”

Eiza González has a couple of tattoos, such as a small heart and a cross, however, it seems that not all of them are to her liking, as she decided to erase a tattoo on her foot.

It was in his Instagram stories, where he has 6.4 million followers, that the baby driver star and Alita shared one of his makeovers.

Through a laser process, which fragments to eliminate the ink pigments on the skin, Eiza González, the 30-year-old Mexican star, decided to erase the tattoo on his foot, which covered a large part of his instep.

The figure? A kind of mandala with flower details and a star at the end of the tattoo.

eiza gonzález pie

In addition, Eiza González made it clear that the tattoo on her foot that she decided to erase was not done at a time when she was fully conscious and that it was when she was younger, so she sent a message to her followers:

Preferably do not drink and get tattooed when they are young, “he said.

eiza gonzález pie

This is not the first time the actress decides to remove a tattoo, because in 2019 he decided to cover one that had been done while in a relationship with a person and, although he believed he could keep the tattoo, he decided to cover it.

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