Eiza González and her most daring photos with only “body piant”

Eiza González has surprised all her fans with her most daring photos. The actress let her body be covered with body paint to the new campaign for the fragrance On the Beach by Louis Vuitton.

González posed nude for the new campaign of the French brand, with nothing but colorful sunset-inspired body paint.

Eiza González and her most daring photos
Image: Louis Vuitton

Multimedia artist Alex Israel, hand painted the “Godzilla vs Kong” actress’s skin in a textured gradient of pale blue, yellow, orange and red for shooting. This was a painstaking process that required a full workday to complete. Israel is the artist who also designed the fragrance bottle and packaging.

“It took a full eight hours, almost nine actually, which is insane. And then it took almost four hours to get rid of it… I can imagine taking it off was like the best scrub. My skin was, I’m not kidding, the smoothest it has ever been in my life. “

“It looks like I rolled on the magic rainbow sand!” Said Gonzalez, 31, according to reports from Page Six.

Eiza González and her most daring photos
Image: Louis Vuitton

Eiza Gonzalez is promoting “Godzilla vs Kong

The Mexican actress is promoting her latest film Godzilla vs Kong. In this, González plays Maya Simmons, the daughter of Walter Simmons (Demián Bichir), who undertakes a journey to the Hollow Earth to obtain a type of energy that can give the appropriate potential to the Godzilla they built.

His participation in the film had to be cut and his character did not have much development, which the actress regretted.

“History changed and many things changed. Happens all the time. It affected the entire cast. But it was the best decision for the movie, ”the 31-year-old told Sensacine. Even so, the premiere of the film is one of the most anticipated of the spring.

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