Dwayne Johnson revealed that he would run for the US Presidency.

What is used today in political parties is to use public figures to create a popular candidate and to the liking of the people. Gone was the political preparation and other credentials they needed to be able to aspire to a high command position in government.

While in Mexico the unreal surpasses fiction in politics With figures such as Carmen Salinas, Cuauhtemoc Blanco or candidates like Blue Demon Jr., in the United States it seems that they also suffer from this type of character.

Dwayne Johnson revealed that he would consider running for the US Presidency.

Seeing celebrities embarking on political careers has become more common in recent years, in this case it is now Dwayne johnson who apparently has high aspirations.

The actor is in the middle of promoting a new series for NBC where he recounts his lifeay did not miss the opportunity to reveal that one day he would like to be President of the United States of America.

No kidding, the former fighter revealed that he aspires to be in the big chair of the White House and wants to launch himself as Kanye west he did it in the last elections, when he was running as a candidate for the Presidency.

A serious one to promote your presidential candidacy?

Dwayne Johnson is considering the possibility of establishing himself in the future US elections and in an interview, the actor announced that he would like to compete for that position in the future and that he would seriously consider it.

In the new NBC series, “Young Rock”, based substantially on his life, the former wrestler plays a fictional version of himself who is running for president of the United States in 2032.

No kidding, Dwayne Johnson is serious about the presidency

Johnson said looking for the place in the Oval Office of the White House it could be a reality and he assured that he has sufficient preparation to face the position.

“I would consider a presidential race in the future if that’s what the people want… I really mean it, and I’m not frivolous in any way with my answer. That would depend on the people… So I would wait and listen, ”The Rock told USA Today.

“I would keep abreast of what is happening, I would be attentive to my surroundings,” he finished.

Despite being a figure commonly removed from the political apparatus of the United States, Dwayne Johnson was one of the many figures of the show who expressed his support for Joe Biden in the last elections of the North American country.

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