Dragon Ball Super: New spheres and a new Dragon appear

The new chapter of the manga Dragon Ball Super has come with a big surprise; for new spheres of desires and a new dragon appeared.

As of this moment there are Spoilers

In chapter 69 of the mango, you can see to the new character named Granolah, who lives with a member of the planet Namek (the same race as Piccolo), who has created new Dragon Balls, but unlike the already known ones, these are only two.

When summoning the dragon, it looks very different from Shenron, because it is much smaller and even has bumps on its hair, very similar to a Axolotl (a Mexican mammal).

It is not known what kind of wishes these spheres can grant, because according to the series’ own legend, depending on the powers of the creator is the type of wishes that can be fulfilled; Even if the person wishes something like destroying someone, this could only happen if he is weaker than the dragon. However, in this chapter, you can see Granolah asking to be the strongest in the universe, although it is not yet known if it will be granted.

Nor has it been explained why there are now only two spheres, if in all series and sagas, whenever some group of new spheres have been seven. This includes all series, from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and now Dragon Ball Super.

This new saga of the famous anime series is beginning, after Goku and his friends went through great challenges to overcome the malevolent Moro.

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