Dr. Polo, from Caso Cerrado, threatens a young Colombian woman: “if you don’t speak Spanish, you’ll get out.”

Known as Dr. Polo, the lawyer and presenter of Case Closed, He threatened a young Colombian woman to kick her out of his program if he didn’t speak Spanish.

This can be seen in a video that went viral, and that is that the native of Cuba greeted the girl in Spanish: “Good afternoon” and, to Ana María Polo’s surprise, the young woman replied in English: “Hello, good afternoon ”.

Immediately the host of the show Telemundo She was annoyed and lashed out: “no, no good afternoon, no hello, here you speak Spanish and your name is Luna, not Moon (…) This is a program in Spanish and here they speak Spanish,” declared Polo.

The young woman said she did not know Spanish, only to be interrupted, as Ana María Polo raised her voice and told her that she had to speak in Spanish or else leave the program.

Luna explained that she is originally from Colombia, but that she did not feel comfortable speaking in Spanish.

You speak Spanish to me here… don’t. You speak Spanish to me and, if you don’t speak Spanish to me, you’re leaving, you’re not going to do this to me, ”Polo shouted at the young woman.

You are not American (American), you are Colombian and what runs in that blood is Colombia, so make no mistake. If you don’t speak Spanish in the next word, get out, get out! ”He yelled.

The video has gone viral and in some Twitter accounts already It has more than 3.9 million comments, more than 2.8 million views and more than 12 thousand likes.

To the surprise of many, Ana María Polo, the lawyer conducting Case Closed, was happy that this has gone viral and it seems that she does not regret shouting at the young Colombian woman, as she celebrated it on her Instagram account.

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