Disney Wish, Disney’s New Cruise Ship, See How to Reserve Your Spot on Cruise Line

With the advancement of vaccination worldwide comes good news and also for lovers of DisneyWell, the company founded in California announced its new cruise ship, the Disney Wish and here we tell you how to reserve your place.

Through a presentation and a statement, Disney announced this new cruise that will have special characters, performances and space for the whole family, from the little ones to the adults.

What’s more, Disney Wish will have its grand opening during a five-night trip to Nassau, Bahamas and to Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.

After the maiden voyage they will have trips to the same destinations, from Port Canaveral.

According to a statement from Disney, there will be more pools, terrace spaces and restaurants with various themes.

Disney Wish will debut three new concepts for family dining, theatrical entertainment and cinematic adventures:

  • Arendelle will be the first Theatrical dining experience with the theme of Frozen.
  • Worlds of marvel it will be Marvel’s first gastronomic adventure, as the name implies with Avengers missions and a multiverse-inspired menu from Marvel.
  • The other space is called 1923, Named for the year the company was founded and as a celebration of the company’s legacy in honor of its Californian heritage.

How to reserve your spot on Disney Wish, Disney’s new cruise ship

Disney Wish will offer new entertainment options, theater shows, deck parties, character experiences and activities for the whole family, so you sure don’t want to miss out.

Children will enjoy Marvel super hero academy, where The Avengers will be looking for new recruits, as well as Fairtale Hall, an art studio and Walt Disney Imagineering Lab, for children to experiment and discover the secrets of Disney.

For adults there is a special bar, inspired by Star Wars, as well as 3 restaurants, a spa and a exclusive area for adults.

Disney Wish won’t set sail until summer 2022 And, as we told you, its maiden voyage will be to Nassau, on June 9, 2022.

According to Disney, Castaway Club members and Disney Guests will be able to book from May 17or, while The general public will be able to reserve from May 27, 2021.

Find all the information about Disney Wish here.

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