Disney to close Blue Sky, Ice Age studio and Rio

Bad news came from Disney from lovers of animated films, because according to information from Deadline, the company would close Blue Sky Studios.

This company was in charge of giving life to 13 animated films, among which are those of the franchise of the Ice Age, Rio and Robots, among other. And is that when the entertainment giant bought Fox, it also made this studio, which clearly does not need.

Disney has a division on its hands for its animated films, Walt Disney Animation Studios, which has been in charge of creating endless films since 1937, the last being that of Unidos (Onward), which was released on Disney Plus. But it also has the Pixar department, responsible for films such as Toy Story, Intensely, Soul and a large number of films.

And it is that although I wanted to keep it, the pandemic of COVID-19 It has severely affected the entertainment industry and Disney cannot maintain three similar working studios. Blue sky studios was working on a movie called Nimona and had others on the doorstep, which will no longer see the light.

However, the study workers will be relocated to the other two brands, and possible projects that could be carried out with the franchises already acquired will be studied. In the case of the Ice Age, there was talk of a series for Disney Plus, which would be in charge of Disney Animation.

The Blue Sky Studios films that Disney will close

These were the films created by Blue Sky Studios since 2002, when they decided to start working as an animation studio:

2002: Ice Age
2005: Robots
2006: Ice Age 2
2008: Dr. Seuss and the world of Who!
2009: Ice Age 3
2011: Rio
2012: Ice Age 4
2013: Epic
2014: Rio 2
2015: Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Movie
2016: Ice Age 5
2017: Olé: Ferdinand’s journey
2019: Sneak Spies

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