Did Thalía have surgery on her face? Surprised with this change

It is not the first time that the singer Thalía raises suspicions of having undergone a surgical interventionHowever, a photo published by the singer has led her followers to wonder if she had surgery on her face.

Through his Instagram account, where he has more than 17 million followers, the Mexican star posted a photo in a red bathing suit.

The image quickly reached almost one million likes and almost 20 thousand comments.

In the publication, which consists of 2 photographs, Thalía also showed her legs that caught the attention of her fans, however, what they showed the most attention was her face, wondering if she had had surgery.

For her part, Thalía took advantage of the moment to write a strong message of empowerment.

I am a lady, mother, wife, businesswoman, respected CEO of my companies and I am a singer who can also interpret love and heartbreak songs, as songs full of sexy and provocative content.

I am a social media influencer and in the same way I can upload a totally provocative and sexual photo, such as a photo with my husband and children. One thing does not take away the other (…) These are times of change and of an accelerated and unstoppable change in which we are all standing, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand in this unstoppable union “, said the actress.

Here we leave you Thalía’s publication on Instagram for which many wonder if she had surgery on her face and with which she gave a strong message of empowerment.

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