Did Radiohead make a record at Drew Barrymore’s house?

Radiohead is an English group that has played for more than three different decades, the band led by Thom Yorke it has won any number of awards, applause, and worldwide recognition from across the music industry.

Among the many anecdotes that the band could tell throughout its trajectory, there is a very curious one with the actress Drew Barrymore, which would be part of the recording of the album “The King Of Limbs”, which came out in the distant 2011.

Did Radiohead make a record at Drew Barrymore’s house?

It is a story of so many that surround the band, since for Radiohead, the priority was to record The King Of Limbs in an optimal location and away from any external intrusion.

Recall that in 2011, The King Of Limbs was first released in a digital version, once it appeared the physical version, one name stood out among all the others and it was drew Barrymore.

As the story goes, Thom Yorke, Ed O’Brien, Phil Selway, Jonny and Colin Greenwood, and producer Nigel Godrich met Drew Barrymore at a concert in Los Angeles, where they summoned people to help the victims of an earthquake in Haiti.

A residence where they took inspiration

After the concert, the band already had in their hands some songs from The King Of Limbs, pBut they did not know where to record them, so the actress offered them her residency for inspiration.

“(Engineer) Bryan (Cook) helped transform a house in the Hollywood Hills into a recording studio and spent the last three weeks there recording Radiohead with Nigel Godrich,” explained a fan blogger of the band.

Even Salma Hayek met Radiohead

That same post too described a mysterious party, in which various personalities such as Beck or Salma Hayek were summoned.

“It made me giddy to see Beck, Salma Hayek and Danger Mouse chatting around the same pool where Dean Martin and Rat Pack used to hang out,” he added.

The Oxford gang has never confirmed this version, have preferred to keep this meeting secret, which started a beautiful friendship between Radiohead and Drew Barrymore.

It is also not known if Drew Barrymore participated in some song on the album, but there are media that affirm that there was a relationship between both parties to record The King Of Limbs.

Did anyone know this story between Radiohead and Drew Barrymore?

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