Did Madonna have surgery on her face? They criticize her for this video

At 62, Madonna is a legend and will always be the queen of pop, however, this title and her millions of fans do not save her from criticism and recently it happened again after posting a photo that led people to wonder if Did Madonna have surgery on her face?

Why are they criticizing it? The wave of comments reached the queen of pop (AKA Madame X) after she published a video on her Instagram account, next to her manager.

With its unique song Vogue, Madonna wears a Gucci outfit, as she walks through her home and celebrates herself.

Of course many noticed that it looks amazing, but the haters didn’t hold back.

Wow, how much has changed over the years “,” Are you always drunk or high? ” and “Hey Madonna, you used to be more creative with your hair. I can no longer recognize you, now you are obsessed with botox. Your cheekbones look like a ball, have you seen the Saw movie? ”Were some of the negative comments.

Madonna responds to criticism of whether she had surgery on her face

Of course, like the queen that she is, Madonna did not remain silent and lashed out at her haters, who criticize her at her every move.

From her Instagram account, where she has more than 15.8 million followers, Madonna shared a video of one of her imitators.

It took the words out of my mouth, ”Madonna wrote about her fan’s video.

In the material, the impersonator sings “I just need you to shut your mouth”, making it clear that Madame X does not care about criticism.

Tell us what you think and if you think it is a surgery, botox, a good skin care routine or a filter.

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