Did Alfredo Adame, candidate for deputy, say he would “fuck 25 million”? He says he was talking about face masks

An audio was recently leaked in which Alfredo Adame, Who candidate for deputy, for the Progressive Social Networks party (RSP), He assured that he wants to “fuck” 25 million pesos that will be awarded to him for the electoral campaign, however, the actor said the money is not from the campaign, but from a mask business.

In an interview, Adame, known for his roles in Beyond the bridge, Facing the Sun and Family portrait, assured that the audio was edited and that it is out of context to discredit his political career.

An audio with individual images of different moments of my public life circulated and with an audio obviously edited and out of context that aims to damage my candidacy ”, he affirmed.

According to Alfredo Adame, candidate for deputy, the audio where he says that he wants to “fuck” 25 million is from last year and in it he spoke of a face mask business, not a government budget.

They filter an audio where they say that 40 million, of which we “fuck” 25 million, for me we screw it is we win (…) I never speak of millions of pesos, of money, of economic values.

Last year I began to market batches of masks for the pandemic (…) What I mean is a batch of 40 million, which will yield a commission and that from that commission we are going to screw, to earn, a commission both. A year ago, “said Adame.

Alfredo Adame totally denied that those 25 million of the audio are about campaign money.

At the interview, Alfredo Adame assured that these attacks are from 3 people, belonging to the world of entertainment:

He is one called Carlos Trejo, the famous ghost hunter, a man with a very bad reputation; the other is El Rey Grupero, Luis Alberto Ordaz, a guy who is dedicated to making stupid jokes and the third is Pablo Mendizabal, son of actress Lilia Aragón, who is also a poor devil, who far from having taken advantage of the opportunities of his family ended up Carlos Trejo’s cat.

Alfredo Adame assured that he is calm. Here we leave you the interview in which he dismissed the audio and accused as responsible Carlos Trejo.

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