Diana Pérez, voice of Jessie from Team Rocket in Pokémon dubbing, dies

Mexican voice actor Lalo Garza reported on April 28 on Twitter that Diana Pérez, the voice of Jessie, passed away in the Latin American version of Pokemon.

Pérez’s dubbing of the villain of “Team Rocket” has remained etched in the minds and hearts of fans of the series throughout the generations.

“Rest in peace Diana Pérez, a strong, cultured, intelligent and very talented woman. You’re fine now, friend … nothing hurts anymore. Good trip”,

Garza reported.

Many remember the famous “Team Rocket” speech with the phrase “Prepare for trouble”, recited by the actress, whose death occurred at the age of 51.

Pérez participated in the dubbing into Spanish of several films and series such as Naruto, Inuyasha, bleach Y One piece.

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