Derek Hough Tells Johnny Weir Jennifer Lopez ‘Would Be Proud’ of His ‘DWTS’ Salsa

Johnny weir gave all his time of 6 weeks dancing with the Stars Monday night. Following Johnny’s nearly perfect score last week, the former figure skater shook things up with an impressive salsa routine with fellow Brit Stewart. Johnny drew his best Jennifer Lopez footsteps as he and Brit played the role of “On the Floor” Pitbull.

Stepping out onto the ballroom, Johnny is dressed in a luxurious, semi-sheer catsuit with a green fringe, with Brit wearing a complementary red ensemble.

“Holy Molly! Miss Jennifer Lopez would be so proud!” Judge Derek How said after the pair danced. “Great way to star the show!”

Bruno Tonioli wanted a little more than Veer, while Carrie Ann Inaba said she wanted “more earth” in the dance. He then received his score, scoring 22 out of 30.

Johnny and Brit’s salsa routine follows their contemporary contemporary routine in Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. The pair received a total of 9 points from Derek Hof and Carrie Ann Inba for two 10 and Bruno Tonioli for 29 out of 30.

“Connecting, Projecting, Emotionling. Now what you’re doing, which is a sign of an artist, you really give the dance a meaning,” Bruno told the pair after their dance.

“Johnny, turn around and take a bow. Because consider crushing that contemporary!” Carrie Ann said, as Derek said, that the dance was “perfect”.

The competition is definitely heating up for all the contestants. The following week, celebs and professionals had fun with the Halloween-themed night.

“Got some very good news on @DancingABC for Halloween Theme Night. My skating fans would be very excited 🙂 ‘You look like an angel, your skin makes me cry …’ to see that performance , You will be very happy. Let us vote in the contest on Monday! “Johnny tweeted.

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