Demi Lovato recreates the night of her overdose in new video

Demi Lovato releases a new video in which she recreates that terrible night of her overdose that almost led her to death. In her new video for “Dancing with the Devil,” the 28-year-old singer shows those harrowing moments she lived through in 2018. It’s a chilling look at that night when she nearly lost her life after suffering a heart attack and three strokes.

“I thought I knew my limit / I thought I could drop it / I thought I could walk away easily / But here I am, falling to my knees,” Lovato sings. Meanwhile scenes are shown of her screaming from a hospital bed as doctors try to restrain her.

Demi Lovato wears the same clothes, makeup and clothes from the night of her overdose

The story of Lovato’s relapse and overdose was first told in her YouTube documentary “Dancing with the Devil.” Now he has decided to recreate the tragic scene in his new video as a catharsis.

The video is co-directed by the singer herself as she wanted to accurately recreate reality. It first shows Lovato partying in a bar, drinking alcohol. She is later taken to the hospital and lying in a hospital bed fighting for her life. Most surprisingly, Demi wears the same clothes, makeup, and hair from the night of her overdose.

Before its release, Lovato described to Entertainment Weekly the process of shooting the video as “cathartic.” “Sometimes being descriptive can be triggering, but that’s the sad, sad truth of how dark it can get,” he said. “That is also important for people.”

Her seventh studio album, titled “Dancing With the Devil… The Art of Starting Over” was released on April 2 and features collaborations with Ariana Grande, Saweetie, Noah Cyrus and more.

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