Demi Lovato has brain damage after overdose

Demi Lovato reveals she has brain damage after suffering 3 strokes and a heart attack after an overdose. This information was revealed on Wednesday after the premiere of the trailer for “Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil,” which will air on YouTube on March 23rd.

In the documentary Lovato opens her heart and recounts everything that happened before and after his drug overdose in 2018. This tragic event almost took the life of the artist.

The trailer takes a first look at what the 28-year-old singer faced after being hospitalized. She also reveals that she had three strokes and a heart attack while hospitalized.

Demi Lovato has brain damage after overdose
Image: YouTube

The documentary shows interviews with Lovato’s mother and stepfather, her sister, as well as her friends. Everyone talks about the moments that led the singer to overdose. One of the surprise interviewees is the great musical star Elton John, who also suffered from addictions during his long career.

Demi Lovato says she can’t drive a car because she has blind spots in her vision

In the presentation of her documentary Lovato talks about the effects that the overdose had on her body physically and emotionally. “I was left with brain damage, and I am still dealing with the effects of that today. I don’t drive a car, because I have blind spots in my vision, ”he told reporters according to People. “And also for a long time I had a hard time reading. It was very important when I was able to read a book, which was like two months later, because my vision was very blurry ”.

“Every time you repress a part of yourself, it will overflow,” Lovato says in the trailer.

Demi Lovato has brain damage after overdose
Image: YouTube

“I faced a lot of the repercussions and I feel like they are still there to remind me of what might happen if I ever go back into a dark place,” he adds. “I am very grateful to be someone who didn’t have to do a lot of rehab. The rehabilitation came from the emotional side, ”he says.

“It was a painful journey, and I look back and sometimes I get sad when I think about the pain I had to endure to get over what I have, but I don’t regret anything.” “I am very proud of the person I am today,” she adds. “And I’m very proud that people see it in this documentary,” Lovato concludes.

You can see the trailer here:

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