Demi Lovato greets her chipmunks during the Backyard Tiny Desk concert

Demi Lovato is singing to the chipmunks during her backyard Tiny Desk (Home) concert for NPR. The home concert was recorded on a sunny day in the Los Angeles singer’s backyard, filled with greenery, guitars and, of course, her furious friends.

Lovato kicked off the performance with a simplified rendition of her 2017 song, “Tell Me You Love Me,” accompanied by Steven “Styles” Rodriguez on keyboard.

Before moving on to the title tracks, “The Art of Starting Over” and “Dancing With The Devil” from their new album, Dancing with the devil … the art of starting over, Lovato took a moment to share her enthusiasm for performing from home.

“I’m very excited to shoot this outside, because I’m very, very excited about the change in weather,” Lovato gushed. “Spring is my second favorite season and summer is my favorite season, so I am very happy to be in the bright, sunny California sun.”

While we can’t see the singer’s squirrels, she was sure she would give them a little recognition and shared that they have developed a great bond.

“My squirrels are here. You can’t see it, but now I’ve taught them to eat from my hand and that’s a great achievement,” the singer shares. “So I just wanted to let you know, that’s what was on my mind, and I’m happy to be here.” Lovato thanked NPR before diving back into music.

Earlier this month, Lovato recreated her near-fatal overdose from 2018 for the “Dancing With The Devil” music video.

Lovato talks in depth about her overdose and battling addiction in her YouTube documentary series. Demi Lovato: Dancing with the devil, but actually recreating it was a new challenge, he explained on Instagram.

“Creating the music video for #DancingWithTheDevil was not the easiest recording I’ve ever made … 🤍” she wrote about the video, which shows her in a hospital bed and other powerful scenes. “I create my art to heal and inspire others. I am here today and I am happy that you are too.”


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