Dax Shepard shares how he told his kids about his relapse

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are open books when it comes to their two daughters. The couple are parents to their daughters Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 6, and they don’t shy away from some of the toughest issues in their lives.

In a new podcast appearance Indeed with Chelsea ClintonShepard, 46, spoke about her relapse last fall and how she approached the situation with her children. When asked by host Clinton how the actor talked about his substance abuse problems with his children, he replied, “Just like I’m talking to you.”

“They know Dad goes to an AA meeting every Tuesday and Thursday,” Shepard shared.

The Bless this mess Star shared a sweet story of her oldest daughter Lincoln when she was 3 years old and wanted to join him at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

“She said, ‘Can I go?’ And I said, ‘Well, no, you have to be an alcoholic.’ And she says, ‘I’m going to be an alcoholic,’ “Shepard said, laughing. “And I said, ‘You know you could become one, the odds are not in your favor, but you’re not there yet.’

He also noted how he broached the issue of his relapse with his children.

“When I relapsed, we explained, ‘Well, Dad was taking these pills for surgery and then Dad was a bad boy. He started taking his own pills,'” Shepard said of his opioid problems. “Yes, we tell them everything.”

As she continued her recovery journey, Shepard was candid about parenting, saying, “The proudest thing I am of my kids is when they admit something and say I’m sorry. To me, that’s the most impressive thing a little person can do. , because it is the bravest “. thing to own its defects. “

Shepard did just that last fall when it opened in his Armchair Expert podcast about his relapse after 16 years of sobriety.

“The opioid thing was very misleading because I was still doing everything I was supposed to do,” he explained to Clinton about the relapse. “I was still interviewing people, I was doing well, I still played with my children, put them to sleep, woke them up, did daddy’s things. And generally, I walked through life without any kind of ungovernability other than the The terrible aspect of opiates is your tolerance increases daily. ”

Shepard added that as she tried to detox and showed clear signs of it, her loved ones were getting worried.

“I was making people who loved me feel crazy because they knew something was up and I was lying,” he said.

Last January, Shepard opened up to The Ellen DeGeneres Show about his decision to go public with his relapse.

“I have a good friend who said, ‘You know, if your real goal is to help people, it doesn’t help much that you’re 16 sober and married to Kristen Bell. That doesn’t help a lot of people. In fact, it probably makes it worse. his life. So the fact that you fall, that’s the real value. That’s what you can do that’s useful, ‘”he said at the time. “So when they put it that way, it became a lot easier.”


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