Danna Paola puts music and voice to Disney film “Raya”

Mexican singer and actress Danna Paola will be the main voice of Raya in the Disney movie “Stripe and the Last Dragon” which opens in March.

The Spanish version for Latin America will also have the theme “Hasta Vencer” performed by Danna Paola. it is one of the main songs of the film.

I am happy to participate in the film with a song as magical as Hasta vencer, I know that the fans will be very excited to hear it, “said the singer.

The new Disney movie opens next Friday, March 5, both in theaters and on Disney + in its premium version.

Danna Paola recounted her experience of being in “Raya and the Last Dragon”

The process was very interesting, I had fun and I was very excited and I think Raya has become one of my favorite characters ”, expressed Danna Paola.

This marks the return of the singer in the world of dubbing, so for her just receiving the proposal to do the casting was a “gift and dream come true.”

About the film, the Mexican said that it is a mixture of action and comedy. He stressed that the basis is love and friendship and brings an important message: union and trust. He explained that you have to give people who are good a chance to enter your life.

He also stressed that female empowerment is present, since the film is led by women. In that sense, Danna Paola said that Raya is “All in one”.

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