Danna Paola assured that she was drugged by men in Madrid

The artist Danna Paola, confessed that during his stay in Madrid to record the series Netflix Elite, was drugged by a group of men.

The actress and singer said that she went out to eat with a friend who was visiting Spain and they met three men there. During coexistence, at some point these people drugged her without realizing it.

“Suddenly (one of the men) says to me, ‘This was your glass, wasn’t it?’, And I start talking with him and immediately I started to feel bad, I started to get dizzy, I started to get sleepy and I said I have to go, these ‘weyes’ began to want to overcome the situation “, commented Mexican actress in the program of YouTube of Jordi Rosado.

Faced with the harassment of the men, Danna Paola was able to leave together with her friend from the place before they could do anything; However, once at home things did not improve and when he reacted he was in a hospital.

“I don’t know how we got hold of the uber, I was wearing pajamas, I just remember that someone entered my house, the paramedics were thereIt was something very heavy because I understood that God is very great and He was taking care of me.

“It’s something your mom always tells you not to do and that you always do: ‘don’t take anything from strangers, don’t let anyone grab your glass, don’t pick up strangers anywhere’. Let’s be aware that no matter how strong and independent we are, we don’t know the intentions of others ”.

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