Danielle, 90-day fiancee, sobs after confronting her ex Mohamed about the cruel things he has said (Exclusive)

90 day fiancé Season 2 star Danielle has the courage to stand up to her ex-husband, Mohamed, for some of the most damaging things he has said to her in this exclusive clip from Sunday. 90 days: the single life.

Fans will remember Danielle’s ugly separation from her ex-husband, Mohamed, who connected with her online before moving from Tunisia to Ohio to be with her. The two eventually divorced and Danielle tried to deport him and accused him of cheating on her with other women, although she was eventually allowed to stay in the United States. The two recently reconnected, although their relationship was still remarkably strained. In this clip, Danielle talks to Mohamed via FaceTime and brings up the things he said to her in the past while her friends listen to her for support.

“You said the horrible things about me, saying that no man would ever sleep with me and stuff again,” he says. “You should never say something like that to a woman. I need to hear you apologize.”

Danielle tells the cameras that she needs to hear Mohamed’s apology in order to fully move forward with their relationship, but she knows that Mohamed has a short temper and that if he is not ready to apologize, she will be devastated and will have to cut ties with him. . Unsurprisingly, Mohamed is immediately on the defensive over Danielle’s comment and tells her that she needs to apologize for the things she’s said to him too.

“It’s like you made me say these things,” he says. “Because I was undecided. I don’t want to talk about this kind of thing. You started talking about it. It’s like you opened it up … You should have said, ‘Okay, I don’t want to talk about this,’ and I never would have. No drag me back into any kind of drama. I’m trying to fix my life. So please don’t bring any more drama into my life. “

At this point, one of Danielle’s friends, Lexi, intervenes while Danielle appears stunned. Lexi calmly tells him that there is no excuse for some of the things he has said to her. Mohamed then gives Danielle the closure she’s looking for.

“I’ve been through a lot,” he says. “Of course I regret saying those things, because when someone gets angry, you just say anything to make the other person feel hurt. I’m not supposed to say that. And I’m sorry. Sorry for saying that.”

“She is the only person who did a lot of good things to me here in this country,” he adds. “Even with all the fights, all the unpleasant things … and she is a good person. This is the truth … If we put all the drama aside, I respect her as a person.”

Danielle, overwhelmed, sobs and says, “This is the first time you’ve said that.”

90 days: the single life airs Sunday on Discovery +.

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