‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me’ EP, Corinne Foxx Talks About Her Dad Jamie Foxx’s On-Set Antics & Top Tips (Exclusive)

Audiences will get a glimpse of Jamie Foxx’s life as a father in the upcoming series for him and his daughter Corinne Foxx. Dad, stop embarrassing me.

Based on Corinne’s diary, the Netflix show follows Jamie as a single father and cosmetics brand owner as he discovers paternity when his determined teenage daughter, played by Kyla-Drew, moves in with him. David Alan Grier plays Jamie’s father on the series, executive produced by Corinne.

The 27-year-old opened up to ET’s Rachel Smith about the series and how her father couldn’t help but embarrass her while they were on set.

“Here’s the thing, it never stopped. Daddy stop embarrassing me “I continue to live every day of my life,” Corinne said. “I was still totally embarrassed on set. I mean, he plays music 24/7, so between takes he dances, plays music and I have to fight him and say, ‘Dad, We have to get back to work. ‘So yeah, I was still embarrassed even on set. “

Joking aside, Corinne said working on the project is “really surreal.”

“Basically my journal came to life, so it was a really surreal moment and it was also a huge learning curve,” he noted. “I’ve been an actor before, but I’ve never been a producer. So I had to learn to speak in a big room with Netflix executives and to stand up for myself, and I feel like everyone has seen me as a child and now I’m an adult and also the boss.” .

So, being the head of the show, how did it feel to order your famous father around?

“It was great,” he snapped. “He really listens to me as his boss and I feel like everyone, every other producer, knew that he listens to me more than anyone, so they use me to tell him things that they didn’t want to say to him. Like, ‘Hi Jamie, can you stop doing so much improvisation and stick to the script? ‘ or ‘You have to come early tomorrow’, like all those things that would be like, ‘Hey Corinne, can you tell her?’ Because he listens to me, so yeah, it was great. “

Grier, who worked with Jamie on In vivid colors and has known Corinne since she was a child, she said the atmosphere and energy on set “was fun.”

“I don’t remember a bad day on set, I don’t remember with Jamie, me, nobody from the company, where it was like, you know, you have good days and bad days,” he recalled.

Corinne credits her father with being able to create the show, noting that he “cares so much about being a father” and puts “a lot into our relationship.”

“You’ve tried so hard, even if you don’t understand a teenage girl, you want to,” she continued. “I feel so blessed to have him as a father, as someone to guide and support me, and also to introduce himself to me. And that’s where a lot of the comedy on the show comes from, is that he performs for Sasha, maybe not in the right way, maybe a little too much, but it’s still around. “

With a father who has over 30 years of experience in the industry, Corinne has the best teacher she could have.

“This industry is really tough and it can break you. And my dad has always said, ‘Save some love for yourself,'” she said of the best advice he’s ever given her. “No matter the circumstances, even relationships, don’t let anyone take away this fundamental love for yourself and stay true to the art and keep your head down and don’t get distracted by all the glitz and glamor. And just focus on your works. of art and creativity and that will take you very far. “

Daddy stop embarrassing me premieres on April 14. See more about Corinne and Jamie Foxx in the video below.


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