Courtney Love is questioned for being vaccinated against COVID-19

The application of various vaccines against COVID-19 has been closely followed by public opinion, Although preference is given to health personnel and the elderly, there are people who have given the first dose without being part of these sectors vulnerable to the disease.

Until now, more than 15 million people have received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in Great Britain, a number well above other countries, especially in Africa and LATAM where not enough have arrived for the populations.

Courtney Love, wife of Kurt Cobain is questioned for being vaccinated against COVID-19

One of the first people to get the vaccine was singer Courtney Love, who made it known through their social networks that they had been inoculated.

“I have vax, in Chelsea,” wrote Kurt Cobain’s widow on her Instagram stories next to the image, where he also thanks the National Health Service (NHS, for its acronym in English) of Great Britain.

Nevertheless, some questioned that Love had received the vaccine, since, due to his age (56 years), she should have been vaccinated until at least April.

According to Courtney, she is eligible to receive the vaccine

Remember that only health workers, vulnerable people and people over 65 can get vaccinated against coronavirus in Great Britain and also in other parts of the world.

The singer’s spokesperson explained to the Daily Mail that Courtney love has various ailments that make her vulnerable to the disease, reason why you received a dose earlier than other people.

“She has an underlying health condition that makes her eligible. She is extremely grateful to the NHS and all the frontline workers, ”he explained.

She is not the first chosen to receive a dose

Courtney Love is not the first person to not be part of the vaccination front, as Nadia Essex, a reality star, revealed that she was also offered the vaccine.

“I just got a call from my doctor to offer the vaccine. When I explained that she shouldn’t be that high on the list since I don’t have health problems, she replied ‘well, you’re on our list, do you want it or not?’ However, I feel bad about taking it from someone. What do I do? ”Essex, 39, posted on his Twitter last week.

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