Controversial new image of the Joker in Snyder Cut

New footage from the movie of Justice league with the version of Zack snyder (known as the Snyder Cut) and one of them appears The joker, but in a quite controversial way.

The new photos featured show Batman, the Justice League, Mera and others; but the photo that attracted the most attention is one where the Joker played by Jared Leto appears wearing a crown of thorns, in clear reference to Jesus Christ.

The critics have not been long in coming, because while some people take it as something only striking, for others it is a lack of respect for beliefs. However, the Snyder Cut Joker has given a lot to talk about.

“We live in a society …”, the phrase of the Joker that impacted on Snyder Cut

There is no context of the images, because in the original tape this character never appears, so It will be until March 18 that we know the reason for it.

On the other hand, it was confirmed that in the tape there will be an unexpected cameo from a DC character, so many have speculated about who it could be, as many wait for Martian Manhunter and Green Lanter; However, at the moment no clues have been given about who it could be.

The film can be seen in the United States through HBO Max and in Latin America through Google Play and in the Apple store.

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