Constance Zimmer shares her thoughts on Bachelor Nation drama (exclusive)

Constance Zimmer is no stranger to reality television. The Emmy-nominated actress starred in Lifetime’s critically acclaimed drama. Unreal, based on the chaos behind the scenes of a reality dating show. The show ran for four seasons from 2015 to 2018.

While his may have been fiction, the Bachelor Nation faces its own controversy, after Chris Harrison defended Single Past racist actions of contestant Rachael Kirkconnell. Both Harrison and Kirkconnell have since apologized, however the host announced over the weekend that he will be “departing” from the franchise for a “period of time.”

“Well one, I’m glad they finally have an African American bachelor’s degree. I mean, my gosh!” Zimmer, who was the ET guest host on Wednesday, told ET’s Kevin Frazier about current bachelor Matt James, before adding, “I hate to say I’m not surprised by the controversy on that show. That’s going to be what feeds, or what the fans feed on. “

“Look, they fed on that on our show and our show wasn’t real, and reality shows aren’t real. Sorry, I hate to say it. But they’re going to use the things that you think they’re not going to use and that exposes people. “he continued. “It’s tough, but I’m glad Chris stood up for understanding that what he did was wrong and said, ‘I’ll go now.’

Right after james Single At its premiere last month, a TikTok user accused Kirkconnell, one of the show’s early winners, of harassing her in the past for dating black men. So another user accused Kirkconnell of liking racist photos. Photos of Kirkconnell have also appeared in a themed party of the plantations of the Old South while I was in college.

Kirkconnell apologized in a statement on Instagram Thursday, expressing that he hoped “to earn your forgiveness through my future actions.” Harrison also released his own statement after receiving backlash from his interview with Rachel Lindsay talking about Kirkconnell’s actions. He was even met with a backlash from the ex Single Y Bachelorette party stars.

Controversy, Zimmer noted, is like a page ripped off from Unreal. She noted that they were given “so much crap” for their outlandish stories and people said “no way would this happen and this was too unrealistic.”

“And then things [that] what we were doing in our program was happening in theSingle or theBachelorette party or any of these programs, “Zimmer recalled.” It was like, you might not want to see it, but look what we open. “

“We pushed a lot of buttons on that show, and I’m glad we did, and I’m glad we struggled to push them because how else can we get people to talk?” she said. “Beyond entertainment purposes, we have a platform to educate and try to humanize, not politicize but humanize, what was happening in the world.”

Meanwhile, Zimmer is making his debut in season 3 of Good problem. In the Freeform series, she plays an intimidating defense attorney who’s ready to take no prisoners.

“It’s very interesting because I feel like I’m not like that in real life,” he said. “So it’s fascinating to me that all the characters I play are. They all always think that I’m super confident, that I’m fierce, that I don’t apologize, that I don’t have filters. And no, I’m super insecure. I’m not as fierce as I play on TV. I just put it all out on TV and then when I’m home I say, ‘I’m so sorry, what do you need? So do you need something? Are you okay?’ “

“People tell me I’m a good actor, but I don’t know [where it comes from]”he added.” I think it’s interesting. He has to be there somewhere … I have to say that something else takes over and he’s a very strange actor to talk, but it’s true. It’s exhausting playing these characters who are so confident and just don’t give a shit what anyone says about them. I wish I had some of these personality types that I play. “

Watch Zimmer in the season 3 premiere of Good problem, broadcast Wednesday, February 17 at 10 pm on Freeform.


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