Comedian Hannah Gadsby Announces She’s Married To Producer Jenney Shamash

Congratulations to Hannah Gadsby!

The 43-year-old comedian announced on her social media Wednesday that she and producer Jenney Shamash are getting married. Gadsby posted a photo of the two of them eating ice cream and introduced his lovely wife.

“I would like to introduce all of you to Jenney Shamash. She is an extraordinary producer. She is very funny and has a great talent for reciting facts. It is a pleasure to behold,” the Emmy winner began, before sharing her great news. . “We got married in January and we are very happy.”

“For the record: this is me effusive. I am full of very positive feelings,” she added. “This is a beautiful story. My heart went out to all who voted for marriage equality.

The Australian comedian became a global star after the launch of her Netflix special. Nanette, which earned him an Emmy and a Peabody Award. Last year, he released another comedy special titled Douglas, that touches on your autism diagnosis and how it affects your life.

In an opinion piece for Vanity fair Posted earlier this month, Gadsby addressed her autism and how she chooses to wear simple outfits, always in the shade of blue.

“My decision to wear only comfortable blue clothing (no ruffles, no lace, no excessive frills) was made because my sense of self is not defined by how the world sees me, but by how I feel in the world. And I feel a lot because I’m autistic, “he explained.” I only wear blue clothes because they calm me down and I get overwhelmed very easily in public spaces. It’s a solution and I like it. “


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