Coldplay surprises fans with ‘Higher Power’, their new single

Coldplay unfolded various cryptic messages around the world, many of the fans tried to decipher the different messages that the band hid in them, in addition to the fact that on their website there are different messages that could make it known if they were recording a new album.

Coldplay surprises fans with ‘Higher Power’, a new single to be released on May 7

Between rumors and crazy theories of the fans, Coldplay is working on a new studio album for all their fans. finally revealed what all those messages mean and it is a new song that will surely be part of his next stadium album-

The british band Coldplay announced that they will release the new single, “Higher Power”, produced by the Swedish composer Max Martin and it will be on May 7 when they release this song for all their fans.

‘Higher Power’ was written around 2020

The group announced, on its official Twitter account, that the song came through a small keyboard, In addition, it was written in early 2020, but they did not give more details about this new recording.

Max Martin will serve as producer, whom the band describes as “a true wonder of the universe.” In addition, a clip was posted on Coldplay’s social media showing cryptic signs and words in an apparent made-up language.

What’s the name of the new Coldplay album?

According to the British tabloid “The Sun”, the band has been recording new material during the coronavirus pandemic and prepares what will be his ninth studio album, after “Everyday Life” (2019).

A source close to the group assured the newspaper that Chris Martin and the rest of the members have used the working name of that next album. “Music Of The Spheres”.

Who already wants to hear new Coldplay music?

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