CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin announces her departure from the network

Brooke Baldwin leaves CNN.

The longtime presenter announced live Monday that she intends to leave the network in mid-April, sharing that the next chapter of her life will focus on what she loves most: “amplifying the lives of extraordinary Americans and putting my passion for telling stories to good use. “

“After most of my 20s, making my way into the local news, I came to this network in 2008, in the middle of the Great Recession, as a freelancer,” she recalled. “I remember scribbling my name on a post-it and posting it outside this temporary office, determined to fulfill my dream of becoming a full-time CNN correspondent. I wanted to be part of the best of the best in cable news and journalism. And as an Atlanta native, this would be my hometown team. “

“Little did I know that not only would I fulfill that dream, I would flourish in this environment and get my own two-hour afternoon show at the age of 31, for a decade,” he added. “I have never taken for granted the enormous responsibility and privilege I have had to work with some of the most talented producers and photojournalists, correspondents and presenters, as we have covered the most urgent and important stories of our time. Conflicts, terrorism, disasters Environmental and Natural Wrath of Gun Violence, Human Interest Stories, Royal Weddings, My American woman Serie. The social justice movements that define our culture and a pandemic that changed the world and politics. A lot of politics. You have been here with me every step of the way. “

Baldwin went on to tell viewers that “there is more I need to do … outside the walls of this place.”

“For the last two years I have been working on my first book. It’s called Huddle: How Women Unlock Their Collective Power“he shared.” And, yes, we are still in a pandemic. No, I don’t have a job to rush into. Yes, I feel very vulnerable. “

“But what does Brené Brown say? ‘Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change,'” he continued. “And I’m very excited for what’s to come.”

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