Clare Crawley and Dale Moss spotted together in Florida after the breakup

Are Clare Crawley and Dale Moss giving love another shot?

The two were seen together in Venice, Florida, on Tuesday, just weeks after publicly announcing their separation. Clare, 39, and Dale, 32 – who met and fell in love during the season with her and Tayshia Adams from High school — He seemed to be in a good mood in the photos that have appeared on social media.

Both Clare and Dale were dressed casually for the outing, in workout clothes and sunglasses. While the two didn’t appear to show much PDAs, one of the photos shows them holding hands as they walk down a street.

During a Live instagram At the end of last month, Dale explained to his followers that he felt “fucking devastated” by the breakup between Clare and him.

“I talk a lot with family and friends about everything that has happened. This situation with Clare sucked, you know,” Dale said at the time. “And I think everyone is looking for a correct answer, a correct way to handle these things, someone as a guide and there really isn’t one.”

“This has shaken me. I felt so many emotions, so much guilt, but also so much confusion, so much pain, and I know we both have,” she continued, wiping away tears. “And looking for so many answers before this happened on how to improve things. But the reality is that life is not perfect. And we make mistakes. I’ve made a lot of them, I know we all do. My dad always said you have to hurt you before you recover. I’ve been fucking hurt. A lot. “

Dale concluded his video by admitting that he was aware that Clare had been struggling with the division. She admitted on her own live Instagram that she was having panic and anxiety attacks. “I know he’s been fucking going through that,” Dale assured fans. “And whatever the case, I know we will solve this together, whatever it is.”

As ET previously reported, Dale was the first to officially announce the couple’s breakup on Instagram on January 19, just five months after they got engaged in High school. Clare broke her silence about the split a few days later, saying she was “crushed” by his announcement.

Hear more in the video below.


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