Clare Crawley and Dale Moss snuggle by the pool in the middle of the Florida reunion

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss seem to be giving their romance another shot. First Bachelorette party The couple were seen huddled by the pool at their Florida hotel on Sunday.

Clare and Dale reunited in Venice, Florida, last week, about a month after Dale announced their separation on January 19. Neither Clare nor Dale confirmed they were together, but they posted similar photos on their Instagram Stories, and Clare’s voice could be heard. in the background of Dale’s videos.

Then on Sunday, the two were seen packing on the PDA by the pool. Photos posted by Bachelorette party windmill Instagram shows Clare and Dale holding hands, and Clare leaning on Dale’s shirtless chest.

Clare also posted an Instagram photo with Dale’s caption in the background. “Collecting memories 🤍,” he wrote.

A source told ET on Friday that Clare and Dale weren’t getting back together, although they still care deeply for each other and enjoy each other’s company. The source added that the two were not getting back into a serious relationship or being engaged.

After their breakup, Clare admitted that she had been “struggling quite a bit.” Meanwhile, Dale said he felt “fucking devastated” by the breakup, adding that he has felt “so much emotion, so much guilt, but also so much confusion, so much pain.”

See more about the pair in the video below.


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