Clare Crawley and Dale Moss share a kiss during a PDA-filled beach date

Things are getting hot between Clare Crawley and Dale Moss!

The ex-single and her ex-fiancé may have broken up, but they are still very interested in each other. The two were photographed sharing a kiss and hugging while taking a walk on a Nokomis, Florida beach this week.

Clare, 39, wore a white dress and did not have her engagement ring on as she kissed her former flame. Meanwhile, a shirtless 32-year-old Dale was wearing brown shorts and holding a drink in hand. They were joined by a couple of friends.

The former NFL player was also seen carrying a stunned Clare back to her hotel from the sand, as photographers congratulated them on getting back together.

Just a couple of days ago, they met in Venice, Florida, and were photographed huddled by the pool last week. Dale announced their separation on January 19. Neither Clare nor Dale have confirmed they are together, but they recently shared similar photos on their social media.

A source told ET that Clare was having a hard time in California and, after not speaking to Dale for a couple of weeks, she reached out to him and he invited her to go to Florida, where he temporarily lives.

“They both still care for each other and they both miss each other,” the source said, adding that neither of them was happy that things ended on such a bitter note. “They have gotten together and are having fun. They are not officially together again, but they are open to see what happens.”

The source also noted that the two were taking things day-to-day and not making big plans for the future, adding that they are “open to see what happens.”

See more about the pair in the video below.


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