Chloe Bailey does the #BussItChallenge and fans go crazy for it – Watch

Chloe Bailey dropped it and wore her sexiest outfit for the #BussItChallenge!

The 22-year-old Chloe x Halle singer tried her hand at the viral craze that originated with Erica Banks’ hit “Buss It.” In the challenge, people are seen for the first time in their loungewear, makeup free and relaxed, before dressing up and twerking.

Chloe accepted the challenge in a black Versace robe and her hair in a shower cap. The video then passed her in a skintight black two-piece outfit with slits at the hips, heels, and her hair and makeup all done.

“Better late than never 😂 #bussitchallange,” he captioned the clip.

Fans instantly took to Twitter to applaud her for her contribution.

ET recently caught up with Chloe and her sister Halle to discuss their two GRAMMY nominations they received for this year’s awards ceremony.

“It means the whole world to my sister and me because we love creating together and it really brings our sisterhood together,” Chloe said of the nominations. “We’re really creating for fun and for ourselves, and knowing that other people appreciate what we create in our living room and in our garage, just having fun and experimenting really means a lot to us. I can.” Don’t wait to do that. more together and just keep playing music. “

“I hope and pray that we win a GRAMMY this year,” he added. “We will have to see what happens, but despite everything, I am very proud of my sister and I am also proud of myself because we learned how to make the best of this moment throughout the pandemic. It is scary and sad and as heartbreaking as it may be. In other words, we wanted to sing and bring hope to the people, love and light through singing and acting. “

They also mentioned what fans can expect in the new season of grown up and if they would be singing on the show. Watch the video below to hear what they shared.


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