Chiquis Rivera shows herself naked on video and turns on the networks

The singer Chiquis Rivera has constantly talked about loving herself and having a positive aspect of her body and recently she did it again by publishing a video where she shows herself naked.

Through their social networks, Jenni Rivera’s daughter showed her naked figure, in a video that shows her in the shower.

The black and white images show her completely natural through a misted glass on which Chiquis drew a heart.

Quickly, the publication made on his Instagram account, where he has 4.5 million followers, reached millions of reactions and thousands of comments.

Love, accept and value your body. Don’t let anyone dictate what dress size you should be. Have confidence, “wrote the American celebrity in the publication.

Among the reactions of celebrities, the driver Pedro Prieto showed him his loveas well as the stylist Aldo Rendon and the singer Carolina ross, among other personalities.

This is not the first time that singer Chiquis Rivera has talked about having a positive body image and loving herself.

He recently wrote on his social networks that: “Self-love is when you know that you are not perfect physically or as a person, but you accept yourself, love yourself and do everything possible to make the necessary changes to improve in all aspects.”

Here we leave you the publication of Chiquis Rivera in which she was naked in a Boomerang-like video on her Instagram account.

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