Chabelo turns 86 and here we remember 5 unforgettable moments

Xavier López “Chabelo” is an institution in Latin American TVHis grace, charisma and talent for making people laugh made him an icon that generations of people grew up with and had fun with.

From your program “En Familia Con Chabelo”, passing through Ambrosio’s Carbine, El Show del Loco Valdés, until his participation in La Escuelita and Los Simuladores, entertainment programs that kept it current for decades.

We are in 2021 and still #Chabelo’s Hashtag appears every Sunday morning, either to remember the legendary children’s program that it had for more than three decades or to announce some news about it.

Chabelo turns 86 and here we remember 5 unforgettable moments of the driver

Married to Teresita Miranda, father of three children, Óscar, Javier and Juan Gabriel, who are the most precious thing you have in your life and this has been demonstrated every day of existence.

Today, Chabelo turns 86 and it is still as valid as the first time it appeared on TV, that is why today we remember 5 unforgettable moments of this legendary actor-producer-driver.

The origin of the famous Catafixia in your program

When Eugenio Derbez was Chabelo’s jester

Cantinflas and Chabelo together in a TV program

The rivalry between Chabelo and Chespirito

A young Chabelo at the Show de los Cotorros

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