Cepillín was operated; they put screws in the spine

Actor Ricardo González, better known as Brush, underwent emergency surgery this Sunday, where they had to intervene from the back.

As reported by his children on social networks, the “TV Clown” was admitted to a hospital in Naucalpan in the State of Mexico. The 75-year-old actor was intervened after suffering an accident in the stairs of his house, for which he had to undergo emergency surgery.

“He was going down the stairs of his house, he was about to fall. As she is agile, she grabbed onto the railing but got a picket on her back and a pain that was increasing and then he couldn’t bear it anymore, ”commented the actor’s son.

Cepillín had to be operated on and they had to put several screws in the spine and luckily everything went well.

“They have been very difficult hours, it was seven hours of operation, plus two hours of recovery; It was a very big operation ”, revealed Ricardo González Jr.

The son of the actor took advantage of the information on his father’s state of health and denied that it was COVID-19; even before the operation they had to do a test, which came out negative.

Unfortunately, the expenses of the operation were very high, so the family asked for support from family, friends and followers of Cepillín, so that the will help pay the cost of the operation.

Various fans, as well as celebrities like Angelica Vale, Kuno Becker and Aracely Arámbula They contributed to help their partner.

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