Cast of ‘When Calls the Heart’ Reacts to Surprising Season 8 Premiere: Cliffhanger (Exclusive)

WARNING: Spoilers below! Please do not continue if you have not seen the season 8 premiere on Sunday When it calls to the heart!

While trying to eat dinner, Elizabeth Thornton got caught in a mess.

During Sunday’s Season 8 premiere When it calls to the heart, Hearties from around the world met their favorite friendly faces in Hope Valley, and were subsequently stunned after that final scene. ET spoke to stars Erin Krakow, Kevin McGarry Y Chris McNally via video chat to learn more about the shocking suspense, what’s next in the Elizabeth-Nathan-Lucas love triangle, and even some fun trivia about making music together. But first, let’s review what happened before the suspense:

After Elizabeth agrees to go on a dinner date with Mountie Nathan Grant (also accompanied by her son, Baby Jack, and Nathan’s niece, Allie), the group takes a walk around town for a bite to eat. Just as they are about to enter the cafe, they unexpectedly run into Lucas Bouchard, who is there to welcome his mother, Helen Bouchard, to Hope Valley. The two parties trade jokes and Lucas, who seems a bit bummed, leaves with his mother assuming that Elizabeth and Nathan are about to have dinner together. What Lucas does not know is that shortly after the encounter, Elizabeth reveals that she is not feeling well and asks Nathan and Allie to accompany her and their son home. After all, there is no dinner date.

“I think [Lucas’] dreams are slowly being crushed, ”McNally says with a smile when asked how Lucas was feeling at the time. “It’s just another step in the wrong direction for him. I think on the other hand, he leaves Hope Valley for a while to get perspective on the situation, and comes back because he realizes that he just wants to be with Elizabeth, but he also wants her to be happy and that’s the best. important thing. So it’s a bit of a tug of war, you know? If she’s happier with Nathan, great. It will break his heart, but he still yearns for her in his own way. “

McGarry steps in to share Nathan’s perspective, and hilariously tells ET, “I think any interaction with Nathan and Lucas is always awkward.” And despite the dinner date being canceled, McGarry insists there is “hope” for his character’s budding romance with the beloved teacher. “By this point in the journey between Nathan and Elizabeth, you might see a date with the two of them, so yeah, he’s hopeful.”

As for Krakow, he describes the love triangle as “an impossible situation.” Why? Well, she says it’s because “both Nathan and Lucas are amazing men and they have created these amazing characters that we have all come to love and I think, whatever happens, Elizabeth is in trouble.” As for that awkward encounter with her two suitors at the same time, the Juilliard School graduate offers a glimpse into her character’s mindset. “I think it’s too much,” he explains. “It’s one of these things where, yeah, maybe if they hadn’t run into Lucas and his mother on the way, it would have been easier to keep walking to that cafe. But I think he didn’t feel kind, and I think in That moment, Elizabeth realized that she still had a lot to think about and she was just trying to follow her heart. “

No doubt Team Nathan fans were delighted to see Mountie muster up the courage to officially ask Elizabeth out after getting a little tongue-tied in season 7. McGarry says viewers will “100% see more” one. new confidence in the next episodes.

“I think the way it ended, season 7, with the near-death experienceHe just put a few things in perspective for Nathan: both what he wants and what it takes to get it. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg that Nathan has been holding on to, ”jokes the Canadian actor. “I find it interesting, a lot of people talk, always say, ‘Oh, Nathan is so shy,’ and they quickly say, ‘He has all these attributes,’ but very few people are like, ‘Why Is that so? ‘and I think we can see that … he starts off much more confident at the beginning of season 8 … but things start to fall apart a little bit and some truths surface a bit and we can see why he has. been so far away, especially with Elizabeth, more than anyone, really. He just stays speechless with Elizabeth. ”

And while some may consider Nathan and Lucas to disagree as they compete for Elizabeth’s affections, it seems that there may be an underlying friendship between them after all. In a touching moment of kindness, Lucas lends Nathan the large sum of money he needs to pay off Allie’s biological father and remove him from Allie’s life (and Hope Valley) forever. Could this mean that the knights’ friendship is flourishing?

“We’re setting the stage to come from a place of mutual respect for one another, where a friendship could be in the future,” McNally explains before adding, “I just don’t know if we’ve gotten to that point yet.”

McGarry calls it a “swallow his pride” moment for Nathan. “Clearly, he was a desperate man if he had to go to the guy who is his nemesis in town for help. But that says something about the Lucas character who helped Nathan, so yeah, we’ll see, “he jokes.

McGarry also reveals that Lucas and Nathan’s dynamic is a topic that he has discussed with the season 8 showrunner. John tinker. McGarry says that because the two gentlemen are so different, Tinker feels that inherently they would “disagree on many things.” McNally adds that he is hopeful the series will be renewed for a ninth season because the friendship between Nathan and Lucas will be “a fun dynamic to explore, if we get it.”

As for which suitor currently has the competitive edge to win Elizabeth’s heart, the actors play shyness. (We get it, there are still 11 episodes left in the season!) However, Krakow smiles and then encourages Hearties to give this a try: “I’d love for the audience to try to track it down on their own and find out where they think Elizabeth is with all of this. I don’t want to give anything away! “

Another surprise from the season 8 premiere? Music! Faith (Andrea Brooks), who returns to Hope Valley after studying medicine in Chicago, receives a romantic oceanfront serenade from her boyfriend, Dr. Carson Shepherd (Paul greene). Greene tells ET that Tinker had seen some of his Performances on Facebook Live, and after Greene vocalized that he would love to play music on the show, Tinker created this lovely scene for the premiere episode. What’s more: Greene explains that while the song started out as a short verse that he wrote for the scene, it eventually became a full song called ‘Waves of time. Greene reveals that not only did he write the song about missing his fiancee, Kate, but he also played all the instruments, produced and mastered the single, all from his home in Los Angeles.

This tender musical moment begs the question: can we wait plus cast music?

“I sing!” Krakow shares with a smile. While the actress couldn’t divulge the details, she teased that she sings to “Elizabeth’s favorite person” and calls it a “sweet musical moment together.”

The cast is making off-screen music too! When it comes to that duo that McGarry previously revealed has been working with Krakow, the pair are insistent that it will arrive, but they’re not sure when. “I think it would have been a lot easier if we had [sang] while we were in the same city, but I would love for it to happen, ”Krakow said, before revealing that they already selected the song and rehearsed it. He also dropped this track: “It’s a song that feels connected to When it calls to the heart and some of the feelings that were shared on our show. “And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, McNally joked that he wants to be in on it too, as the song’s director. Now that it is music to our sweet ears!

ET will cover WCTH throughout the season, so be sure to keep it closed here on for the latest interviews with the cast. When it calls to the heart airs Sundays at 9 pm ET / PT on the Hallmark Channel.


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